Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Honest Toil Rewarded

I was hanging out my washing today. It's been a beautiful mild and golden autumn day. After having been fed up for the last few days and, as I posted here, even having lost interest in walking my two and a half acres, the weather was making me smile. Even the dog was gambolling about on the grass as if she was a puppy again (which she isn't!) So things were looking a teeny bit better. Then I noticed something weird about one of my clothes pegs - can you spot what it is...

...a moth! The sweet little thing must have been asleep. It sat there even as I pegged up a sock, then unpegged it to take the picture, then pegged it again. The camouflage is perfect. Made me glad that I leave my pegs out on the line to weather...and it gave me a picture to post here!

Maybe life isn't so bad after all.


sandwriter said...

nothing like a line of washing flapping in the breeze on a clear day. great photo,you must have a decent camera puddock, 'fraid i have yet to "get round to" reading the instruction book for mine!

Puddock said...

Thanks sandwriter!

I don't really know how to use my camera either but the great thing about a digital camera is that you can snap away to your heart's content and not worry about wasting film, knowing that surely one or two of the pics will be decent.

Btw, I added another pic that shows better how well camouflaged the moth was...and shows the fabulous sock in question too!

sandwriter said...

love the sock!