Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Happy Solstice Everyone (a bit late)

To celebrate the passing of the shortest day I thought I'd post this picture of a sheepish friend on a frosty day.

I am always glad to get Christmas out of the way. It seems just the wrong time of the year to be grinding to a halt. I'm always worried I won't get going again if I stop. This year, I have work to go to, which is fab. So having made it through Boxing Day, I can get back to work tomorrow...and normality. Hooray!

Hope you all got through the darkest days of the year unscathed too.

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PG said...

Yay! A like mind...I thought so when you were one of the few to 'get' my Christmas post...three cheers for return to normality and a whole shiney New Year with shorter days.