Monday, 14 January 2008

Happy New Year! (a bit late)

A little late but happy new year to you all. I've hardly posted over the last couple of months because I had a job over Christmas, but that contract is now finished and I hope to be back to full blogging strength as soon as I get organised.

Like everyone else in the world, I take my fair share of sunset pictures. When we first moved here, being on a north-facing hillside, we didn't think we would see many sunsets from home but we were wrong, especially on those long summer nights, when the sun sets almost due north. I took the photo above on one of those nights and the glow from the setting sun was so bright, the sky looked as if it was on fire. It was like a view of Mount Doom in Mordor, but without the rampaging orcs, of course!

All that fiery orange reminds me that the world will be in full-colour again soon, instead of this wintery grey.

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Selma said...

Happy New Year to you. Magnificent sunset!