Thursday, 20 March 2008


Well, I don't know where my brain has been, but it wasn't until I switched on my computer this morning that I realised that the Spring Equinox occurs today - in fact it occurred at 5.48 a.m. Oh frabjious day! From now on, the days are longer than the nights and, for those of us up here in the far, far north the days lengthen quicker and longer (sounds a bit like one of those rude emails that keep being sent to me.)

I don't know if you knew - I didn't until a couple of years ago - that at the Equinoxes, the length of day and night are equal - more than that, they are equal all over the world. It is quite a thought - unifying somehow. And even better to know that, soon, there is going to be so much daylight here that I am going to be heartily sick of it and wishing for the cosy, dark nights of winter again.

Here's a suitably celebratory picture for you all and HAPPY SPRING!!


bear said...

We've been looking out for signs of life in the trees outside our window. Even tucked away in the city we're look forward to Spring.

Although if you have too much of that daylight you can join Madame in her dark and dreary office - lovely workhouse style windows - just a strip of sky showing and the blinds shut whenever the sun does shine. Oh, well. The spider plants enjoy it!

Puddock said...

Poor old Madame - sounds like she's in serious need of some sunshine!