Tuesday, 28 August 2007

A bit about two and a half acres

I thought it was time I described this bit of land of mine. It is on a north-facing hill, about 500 feet up. Around the house we fenced in part of the land to make an inner garden that would keep the dogs in and the deer and hares out; this part I try to keep as a conventional garden.

The exciting stuff happens in the outer garden. Here I try to let nature have her own way with a minimum of interference from me. In fact, most of the last few years has been spent trying to return this part of the ground to a more natural state after the horses and quad bikes of the previous owners. My late husband, aka the Golfer, tended to want to keep things neat so that he strimmed everything to within an inch of its life, which kept things a bit minimalist. Since I took over responsibility I have left things to grow and simply cut paths as the mood took me, but cutting back any thuggish plants that threatened to take over, like the dreaded gorse. I'll come back to this in later posts because it has been fascinating to see what wild flowers have come up when given the chance. Last year I was thrilled to see my first orchid in the outer garden; this year bluebells have appeared.

This outer garden falls into three main areas: the woodland, the field and the burn and pond area. Each area is developing its own character and I hope over the next year or two to describe as fully as I can in words and pictures what it's like here and how it got this way.


Wild Flora said...

Hello Puddock,
I found my way over here via your other blog and thought that, as long as I'm in the neighborhood, I should say hello. I have 250 acres in rural Nova Scotia myself, and I lived here for two years on my own from 2002 to 2004, found it rewarding but very hard to live in the country on my own. You strike me as very brave, intelligent, and resourceful, and I give you credit for a lot of strength (possibly more than you realize you have).
Wild Flora

Puddock said...

Thanks WIld Flora for your kind comments. I love your blogs - you are doing the same kind of thing as me, except a hundred times more! And you're in Nova Scotia and I'm in old Scotia. I hope you'll drop by my blog again and I'll visit you on yours!